Beaux Biggers: Outstanding first year student award winner

By Darren Porche   Sterling, KS — April 28, 2018, 1:26 P.M.

The Outstanding First-Year Student Award is an award presented to a first-year student who has been praised by nearly all of his or her professors, professors who have not taught him or her, as well as coaching staff and the administration. It goes to someone who, in their eyes, has been the most outstanding freshman and the one who has been working hard to be the best they can be. The award doesn’t come with scholarships attached to it; it’s an award that one freshman wins every year to honor their work.

This year the Outstanding First-Year Student award was presented to Beaux Biggers during Convocation, Friday, April 20. Beaux is a football player on a football scholarship from Enid, Oklahoma, out of Chisholm High School. I caught up with Beaux and he had a lot to say on how much he appreciated getting this award and on his reaction upon receiving the award.

“I was little surprised to be receiving the award,” Beaux said, “I thought I was going to be getting some participation or attendance award that some high school student would get, the athletic award for participating or something like that, but I got something that’s kind of prestigious in a way.”

Beaux was told that he got the award because a collective group of professors, some of his own and some that hadn’t taught him, had nothing but good things to say about him. Apparently, he left his mark on them all, and he also had some of his coaches say that he was a great student-athlete; as well as give him some handshakes and hugs as he accepted the award before walking to receive his award.

It’s not just his teachers and coaches who think of Beaux as someone who is worthy of this award. His peers and friends have said he’s hardworking and deserving of this award. His roommate Zack Bromlow said, “he’s always doing work, doing something good, and he’s always having a good time.” Beaux has left a lasting impression on his peers as someone who’s going to keep working and work even harder until he’s successful.

Beaux said that he won’t let this moment and this award get to his head. He currently as a 3.68 GPA and told me that he will try his best to continue on this path and assured me that there will be good things to come.


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