Last Convo of the year was Honors Convocation

Friday morning at 10 a.m. Sterling College held their last convocation of the semester. This convocation is a special opportunity for the students to be recognized in nearly every subject on campus in addition to a few sports.

“It’s a time where students are recognized for their servant leadership, academic excellence, etc.,” said Renee Dodson, assistant to the academic dean. “When donors give money to the College, they often list criteria that that the recipient needs to meet.  The department faculty receive information from me detailing this so they can make their selection.  There are some of the department awards (ie, best essay, etc. that have no monetary value to them).  All award/scholarship recipients receive a certificate at today’s award ceremony. ”

This morning over 70 scholarships awarded to hard working students. Among the multiple student recipients was Kaitlyn “Red” Tawater and Modene Watie.

Tawater received the SGA Service Award for a student. “Its for someone that embodies a Sterling College image, is willing to serve, and help others; always,” said Tawater.

Watie received the Bob and Margaret Calderwood Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship was given in relation to the music that Watie is actively involved in as a sophomore. Watie is a member of worship teams and sings in the choir.

Modene Watie

“Its been pretty cool,” said Watie. “Its really amazing to lead worship and be able to see everyone else worship too.”

Many recipients were informed they would be receiving an award or scholarship today but did not know which one/s they would be awarded.

“I just received a letter in my mailbox saying I was getting an award/scholarship and I was completely surprised,” said Tawater.

Kaitlyn “Red” Tawater

“It means a lot,” said Tawater, “because I try to fulfill what God has for me every single day. I feel like this is kind of a way to get recognized, even though that’s not why I do the things I do or why I help the people around me. Its just one of those things that is a good little, ‘hey, you’re doing a great job,’ moments.”



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