Canvas proves superior to MySterling

Over the years at Sterling, the students have been using MySterling for submitting assignments, checking grades, and communicating with their professors.

That has all changed this 2019-2020 school year when Canvas was introduced.

Canvas has the same tools as MySterling, except it is more technologically advanced.

Canvas offers an app that can be downloaded on iPhone and Android. This app helps the students stay up to date on their assignments because the app sends out notifications for upcoming assignments that are due, graded assignments and messages from the professors.

As I looked into each site more closely, I found a lot more flaws in MySterling than I did in Canvas.

While working in MySterling, it was hard to navigate to the assignments and the due dates of those assignments because of the miscommunication throughout the different areas of MySterling.

MySterling is also flawed in the fact that there was no app that could be downloaded to see your grades or do the assignments. MySterling could only be logged onto effectively from a computer. This was inconvenient to many of the students because some students did not have their own personal computers, and the access to the computers on campus is limited.

Last school year I found that MySterling would have a problem with crashing or needing maintenance work during the times that assignments were due.

This was very frustrating because there was nothing that could be done about except to just wait until it would work again.

Sometimes it would be hours when it was down, and other times it would be days at a time.

MySterling was a good system until Canvas was introduced to Sterling College.

Canvas proves to be better than MySterling, according to many students around campus.

With Canvas having an app, it is easy for the students to stay up-to-date on their assignments, quizzes, and papers in each class because of the notifications that are available.

Every time a professor adds an assignment to the course, grades an assignment or sends a message, there is an alert that is sent to your phone.

There is also a unique feature on the Canvas app that lets the student see their “what if” grade. This is when the students can put in a grade on an assignment to see what they need to get on it for the overall course grade to go up.

Overall, the comparison between MySterling and Canvas proves that Canvas has more positive attributes and a better system for the students to work with rather than what was provided with MySterling.

The switch was a good one.

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