Sterling College dining introduces changes

By: Anna Adamyk

Sterling College Dining made an effort to listen to student’s requests and changed several things in the cafeteria this year. Students have the option to choose smaller meal plans and they are also provided with “flex dollars” to spend in the Marketplace located behind the scanning desk at the entrance of the cafeteria.

The 200 meal plan allows the student to scan into cafeteria 200 times throughout the semester and now, it also comes with $75 to spend in the Marketplace. The smaller meal plan includes 150 scans into the cafeteria and comes with $100 of “flex dollars.” The Marketplace provides grocery items, snack foods, granola bars, to-go sandwiches, and several other things.

Students with the 200 meal plan will be able to spend $75 on items from the marketplace. The new change will also eliminate the ability for students to share meal swipes.

For the most part, students are pleased with the updated meal plan and the introduction of the Marketplace. Micah Watney, junior, shared that the changes “aren’t affecting me at all” while Landee Gutshall, junior, spoke highly of the Marketplace option but said “I wish there were more healthy options.”

In addition to these meal plan changes, students will see another modification affecting the sharing of meal scans. In previous years, students could scan and provide a meal in the cafeteria for family members or friends visiting campus.

The update will take away the ability for students to share meals with others. This applies to all meal plans, not just the unlimited.

There is a negative response from most students and Gideon Root, senior, expressed his irritation, “It’s just frustrating. If I’m paying for the meals, I should be able to choose who I’m giving them to… or at least get reimbursed for the ones I don’t use.”

Every year, the Sterling College cafeteria tries to change several things in order to meet students’ requests. Rochelle Prather, Director of Sterling College Dining, was unavailable for any comment on the changes the cafeteria implemented this year.

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