The Sterling Transition: Dominique Bonaparte

By: Keyshawn McMahon

Year by year around August, college students prepare for school.

Some students choose to stay close to home, and some opt to go far from home. For students who choose Sterling College for their academic career they’re in for a unique and distinct college experience. Kansas leads all other states as the most populated state for students at Sterling College.

For some Kansas students that attend Sterling College, they might be used to some of the atmosphere and culture at Sterling College. But students who transition into a city like Sterling from some of the larger urban areas in the United States may have a harder time dealing with the adjustment.

Dominique Bonaparte (’20) is a Women’s Basketball player from Union City, California.

Sterling College newcomer, Dominique Bonaparte (Sophomore) from Union City, California is a women’s basketball player majoring in athletic training. Union City is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in Alameda County, it is composed of 75,322 people according to research from the United States Census Bureau in 2016.

“Union City is a tough, gritty sports prideful town with nice people and somewhat of a well-connected, family atmosphere,” said Bonaparte.

Union City is a 25 hour drive to Sterling College. One can imagine Union City has vast differences than Sterling, Kansas. Dominique’s high school was made up of about 4,000 students which alone is more than the entire population in Sterling of 2,264.

Dominique’s hometown, Union City, differs from Sterling in many ways.

“Union City is a lot more urban and city like as well as more diverse than Sterling,” said Bonaparte. “Everything was more accessible and closer back home in Union City as in contrast to here at Sterling where it is smaller and things aren’t in walking distance.”

While there are several elements which require adjustment, Bonaparte sees the benefits of attending SC, which is dedicated to fostering creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith.

“The advantage of going to school and living in smaller city like Sterling, is that they allow you to have better relationships with people. My biggest adjustment to Sterling College is just being more open minded to Christian morals and being more willing to learn about God.”

Bonaparte sees the fruits of that love on campus.

“My favorite part about Sterling is the general love and just how everyone in Sterling wants to see you succeed, and helps push you towards your goals,” said Bonaparte.

“I was really surprised at how nice the people of Sterling are regardless if they know you or not. I am confident that I will make a smooth transition here at Sterling, due to a combination of the community of Sterling and my self-motivation and discipline.”

Dominique has 3 years left here at Sterling College and she plans to become a certified Athletic Trainer after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree.

Best of luck, Dominique!

This article is part of an ongoing series focusing on students new to Sterling College and their transition to college life.

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