Homecoming Weekend + Get to Know the King and Queen



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Video by Kevin Baatrup & Brad Johnson

Story by Cathryn Cavazos

Homecoming 2017 is over and the queen and king of Sterling College have officially
been crowned. Here are some facts about seniors Astrid Moncada and Micah Black!

Where are you from? What is your favorite thing about that place?

ASTRID: I am from Northern California and my favorite thing about where I live is that I can enjoy San Francisco and go sightseeing whenever!

MICAH: I’m from McPherson. It’s Kansas, so your hair always kind of has that windswept look, which is pretty nice. Plus, the people are nice.

What is your major? Why did you choose that major?

ASTRID: My major is Art and Design with a minor in biology! I chose this major because I really believed God was calling me here, this calling has led me to pursue a job in art therapy, specifically for children who suffer with trauma or disabilities.

MICAH: I chose Communication as a major because people are cool, and I like talking with ’em.

What has been your favorite moment at Sterling College?

ASTRID: My favorite moment at Sterling would have to be the summer night when I played fugitive for the first time with friends; the adrenaline rush was so fun!

MICAH: Hanging with the choir and putting on musicals are definitely some of my SC highlights. Chapel is always grand, too.

Where can you usually be found on Friday night?

ASTRID: On a Friday night, I can usually be found with my sister drinking a cup of coffee as we watch a movie.

MICAH: I’m probably at theatre rehearsal or hanging out with my Campbell fam.

What is the latest movie you’ve watched? What did you think of it?

ASTRID: The latest movie I watched was The Finest Hour. I thought this movie was very heartwarming and heroic!

MICAH: I think the last movie I watched was It. Super well-done! Very eerie, very creepy. Funny, too.

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