Safe and secure at SC

By Theodore Igwe and Darren Porche   Sterling, KS — March 5, 2018, 2:57 P.M.

Sterling is a small, quiet town located in Rice County, Kansas, with a population of about 2,400 people. Sterling, Kansas, as far as crime goes, is one of the safest places in America. Writers at stated that “Sterling is safer than 88% of the cities in the United States.” But what measures are being put in place to keep it so safe?

Sterling’s police sergeant, Richard Tommer, provided a rundown on the role the Sterling Police Department takes in keeping Sterling crime free. “Overall, I would say that the city of Sterling is probably the safest city in the state of Kansas,” says Tommer. He also adds that a lot of this can be credited to the “goodhearted” nature of the people living here. “The people here as a whole are good citizens who simply do good,” stated Tommer.

The Sterling Police Department makes it their priority to respond timely and precisely to any call they receive. Every week the department meets to discuss any strange activity that they have noticed or any concerns that they may have. Even with Sterling being such a haven, the officers are always prepared for the worst, and have protocol plans that they discuss weekly for near any situation that could occur in the town.

As for Sterling College, safety is not an issue either, as the college does everything in their power to ensure safety for the staff, faculty and students. Sterling College’s vice president, David Landis, explained that they are grateful no real dangers have occurred at the college. He credits this back to the “sound initiative” taken by the city’s police department. “We rely heavily on the police department as we have no dedicated person or security monitor on the campus… Although there is no way to protect everyone the way we want to, we meet monthly to discuss emergency preparedness and any safety concerns,” describes Landis. Landis’s main concern is that if someone were to be seriously injured, they have an hour drive to Wichita to receive medical emergency assistance, but he also mentions Sterling’s EMS team does a great job.

The city of Sterling will likely continue to be a safe, reserved area as the people, school and police department play their parts in safety. They say the pizza here is pretty good too.


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