Professor’s brother showcases short documentary

By Micah Watney and Jase Brandt   Sterling, KS — March 22, 2018, 10:26 P.M. 

On March 21 at 8 p.m., Sterling College had the opportunity to host documentary filmmaker, Bentley Brown, who presented a short documentary entitled “Oustaz” (2016). The 19 minute documentary told the story of Brown and his Arabic teacher named Oustaz. Using home videos and viewing through the eyes of a young filmmaker, we learn about the character of Oustaz and the enormous impact he had on Brown growing up and the impact it left on him when Oustaz died. The documentary also showcased a bit of Bentley Brown and his brother, a professor here at Sterling College, Aaron Brown as they grew up as missionary children in the country of Chad.

While attendance was low for this event, the audience was engaged the entire time. A Q&A session after the movie led to many interesting details about the movie being revealed and the process to which Bentley Brown takes when making his documentaries. He stated that for this film, the main challenge of editing this, was to take footage that wasn’t shot for the intent of this documentary, and make a story out of it.

According to Bentley Brown’s IMDb page, he is a director, editor, and composer for many foreign films, both documentary and fiction. Some of his most recognized films include: Captain Majid (2009), Khawadjat (2016), and Faisal Goes West (2012).

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