RDs, RAs excited for next school year

By Hannah Abbate   Sterling, KS — March 27, 2018, 10:00 A.M.

The new resident directors and resident assistants were among the many new faces Sterling College welcomed to campus at the beginning of the year. Each year these hard-working students and Student Life staff make it their goal to make each year a great one for their residents.

Emilie Heinl was hired as the new RD for both the Douglas women and Evans. Between both dorm halls, Heinl has six RAs to work with and connected with them early on. She spoke about her decision to choose Sterling College,

 I was a psychology major in college. I was thinking about a way that I could most help people and I looked at the resident director job as a really cool ministry opportunity. I just fell in love with the servant leadership out of Sterling College and just how they seem more Christ centered than most colleges or universities that I applied to for resident director positions.

Kaitlyn Tawater was another new member to the RA team this year in the Evans dorm. “I wanted to be that same leader my RA was for me. I wanted to be a light and a leader for those around me and my residents,” Tawater said, “I just love being surrounded by people that are all different kinds of characters. Some could be introverts, some could be extroverts. Seeing how they grow and seeing how they turn into the women they’re going to be.”

With new RAs currently going through the hiring process for next fall, staff hope that these new additions to student life help add to the positive environment of Sterling College’s campus life. Tawater said, “I look forward to having all new residents, getting to know them, and having a blast on my hall just like this past year was.”

Zoe Oppreicht, another RA in Evans said,

 “Having the opportunity to be an RA this semester has grown me as a person. I have not only been able to invest into others, but also have found myself surrounded by constant support. Being on the RA staff leads to an adventurous, joy filled and impactful year. I am excited to continue my journey as an RA because I love getting to know the girls and serve them. Each one of them inspire me and I cannot wait to bring a Christ-like atmosphere to campus.”

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