Dumpster diving: An annual tradition

By Micah Watney   Sterling, KS — April 18, 2018, 12:06 P.M.

Yesterday, CAB (Campus Activities Board) hosted their most recent event that most people wouldn’t consider to be a very fun (or safe) of a time. Dumpster Diving. However, this annual event always seems to gather a crowd. It’s an event that challenges participants against each other in their keen eye and allows for spectators to cheer them on or fool them with misdirection.


dumpster diving photo2
A selection of gift cards offered as prizes.

At 6:30 p.m., students began to gather around the large dumpster located on the front lawn of Campbell Hall. With snacks ready and music in the background, students began to converse, ready for the event. CAB asked all those willing to participate in the event to put their name onto a slip of paper and into a bowl for random selection of participants for each round. Each round’s winner received one of a variety of prizes from gift cards to Nerf guns!


For each round, a CAB member would select a group of five from the bowl of names and have them turn away from the dumpster as another CAB employee would hide a small colorful puff ball in the dumpster for the participants to find. The participants, upon entering the dumpster, would find themselves up to the knee with nothing but damp, crumpled up newspaper and one small puff ball. As the participants frantically shove newspaper out of their way in order to find the small puff ball, observers clung to the side of the dumpster to cheer on their friends to see who could find the small, colorful ball the fastest and win one of the prizes. Once found, the winning participants held up the ball in their hands in victory.


dumpster diving photo3
Bradley DiLollo searches through the dumpster.


With several prizes being handed out, the event went on like this until all the prizes had been conquered. Some winners at this event included: Matt Finley, Lora Bebermeyer, Zachary Bromlow, Gael Esparza and many others.

dumpster diving photo4
Zachary Bomlow and Gael Esparza hold their prizes of Sterling swag and a Nerf gun set.


CAB’s next event for the year will be held next week on Tuesday the 24th. Chaplain Christian Dashiell will be smoking brisket for the “Backyard Barbecue” at 6:30 p.m. behind Mabee Library.

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