Annual Warriors Film Festival held this weekend

By Jase Brandt  Sterling, KS –  April 29, 2018, 2:54 P.M.

On Friday night, April 27, the Sterling College Communication & Media Arts department put on their annual Warriors Film Festival in Culbertson Auditorium. Twenty-two submissions were made by both college and high school students alike in four categories: Under 3 Minutes, Under 5 Minutes, Noir, and Made With Cellphone. 

Briseyda Ponce and Theseus Anderson hosting the event. Photo by Jase Brandt

The event started at 7 and was hosted by sophomore Theseus Anderson and freshman Briseyda Ponce. Outside of emceeing for the event, both them participated in the productions in some of the presented films.


The selections for the best films in each of their respective categories were determined by those who attended the film festival through a series of online surveys. For each category, there were three awards: Best Film, 1st-Runnerup and 2nd-Runnerup as well as the Best Overall film spanning all four categories. 


Sterling College senior Andrew Stansbury won Best Film in the Under 3 Minutes category for his film What You Can’t See, saying, “the craziest thing about this, is the film that I made…[the] entire thing in a single day…[and] it was all [done by myself.] It was spring break and I was like, ‘OK. I haven’t done any filming all semester. Let’s do something.’…It’s still kind of crazy…that I won.” 

Andrew and Isabella
Andrew Stansbury and Isabella Footh holding their certificates. Photo by Jase Brandt

Isabella Footh won the 1st-Runnerup Award for her film The Stool, saying, “I did not expect that at all… I was literally like… ‘There’s a stool. Let’s use that…’ and so I decided to do that…[It] was fun.” 




List of entries: 

(Entries that are underlined denote that it won Best Film in their respective category.) 

Under 3 Minutes 

Blade of Dishonor by Andrew Stansbury 

Enigma by Katie O’Brien 

Kindness is Key by Daisy Raburn 

Sticky Notes by Emma Reif & Sage Martinez 

The Stool by Isabelle Footh 

Wasted Time by Keyshawn McMahon 

What You Can’t See by Andrew Stansbury 

Under 5 Minutes 

Alone by John Leslie & Summer Snow 

Every Last Drop by Aaron Crawford, Dylan Carrier, & Payton Steiner 

Funk Fuzz: The Reprise by Aaron Crawford & Peyton Steiner 

A Squirrely First Date by Hannah Abbate 

Trial by Fire by Bryson Brownlee 


Black & White by Brent Riffel & Sarah Walker 

Burbank Street Clothes by Payron Steiner

Made With Cellphone 

Blanket Monsters Have Dinner by Landon Rhoadarmer 

BMOC by Luke Harding & Zoe Miller 

Both Sides by Darren Porche & Kwame Sexton 

The Last at Bat by Hannah Abbate 

Late by Isabelle Footh 

Little Did You Know by Briseyda Ponce & Jordan Dye 

McCreepy by Patti Delgadillo 

-2+1 by Katie O’Brien 


The Sterling College Communication & Media Arts department would like to thank all those who participated in the event and came out to support it and the individuals involved. 


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