New CAB? Don’t expect a drag

By William Dutton   Sterling, KS – May 3, 2018 8:20 P.M.


College coaches have to deal with it every year. So, do minor league baseball teams. What exactly are they dealing with? Turnover. New players from season to season.

As the school year winds down here at Sterling, turnover has already begun. Graduating seniors, no doubt will have an effect on our football, basketball, and baseball programs for the future. Let’s take this analogy from the sports world to the SC campus. That’s about it, right? Wait a minute, what about the new campus activity board, or CAB as most people know it as.

This group quietly does its job each semester without a plethora of praise, and this organization will be dealing with huge changes for the next school year.

In fact, only two returners will return in the form of Sophomores Brianna Chastain and Saige Beidenbender. But, before turning to next year, let’s look at CAB for this year.

The current president believes this year was a success for CAB.

“This year, the CAB team really clicked,” said Junior CAB president Elissa Freemire. “We all became really close which allowed for us to speak without fear. This allows for us to throw out ideas and shut down ideas when it comes to planning events. I also think that the events have been able to run really smooth because of this; if something goes wrong, we fix it. CAB is always evolving and seeking to find new events the students will enjoy,” she said.

How many events is CAB responsible for?

“CAB is responsible for putting together 10 events each semester,” Freemire said. “This equals out to the team putting on an event about every other week. There are a few events, per tradition, CAB is responsible for organizing. Those consist of BINGO, Halloween Bash, Skate Night, Monte Carlo Night, Formal and Last Blast, as well as one worship night per semester and Pan Bread during Study Snacks. The rest of the events are at the team’s disposal. If there is an event that works really well, we keep it and if there is an event we feel is lacking, we replace it with something else,” she commented.

For people who may be wondering, the process for filling the new CAB team wasn’t as simple as one may think.

“How the process went was if you were interested in being on CAB then we had an informational meeting in cornerstone,” said Beidenbender. “From there you sent the president your resume and application. Then, we set up interview times. Finally, we sat down and looked over qualifications for each person and decided on the new team. It was a busy week, but I am looking forward to the 2018-2019 CAB team,” she declared.

Who are these new team members?

Brianna Chastain will take the presidential reins from Freemire. Beidenbender will stay on the board as the publicist while fresh blood joins with freshman Patty Davilla (Event coordinator), sophomore Marshall Williford (Treasurer), and junior Leye Oyatayo (Vice president).

Oyatayo, the new vice president of CAB, is excited for the opportunity.

“I decided to run for CAB because I always enjoyed going to CAB events,” Oyatayo said. “With my senior year coming up, I want to find more ways to be involved on campus. I’m looking forward to having a great turnout at all of our events and the events being the big talk around campus.”

Once the new team was official, ways for improvement for next year were already being suggested.

“Next year I am hoping to have at least two sport related activities to reach more of the SC population,” Beidenbender said. “I’m thinking either Bubble Soccer or Bongo Ball.”

With Chastain leading the way, Freemire has no worries for the near future of CAB.

“Bri [Chastain] has done a great job with each responsibility we have given her,” Freemire said. “She is personable, and she is not afraid to put herself out there. I have no doubt that Bri will do any less than an amazing job as the new CAB President.”

Chastain is eager for even more involvement from her fellow students.

“Students should participate at CAB events because it’s a fun time to be involved on campus. It helps the atmosphere and brings a sense of community,” she said. “Plus, our events are free to students and there is always food and fun activities!  I enjoy every member of the team. We have some great skill sets with each team member that will help strengthen our events and add improvements to our past events as well,” she proclaimed.

Turnover for CAB? Sure, that’s life. If Freemire’s confidence means anything though, the 2018-2109 CAB will be just fine.

“CAB is always evolving and seeking to find new events the students will enjoy,” Freemire said.  So, while I would like to believe this year’s CAB team was the GOAT CAB team, I know next year’s will top our events.”



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