Weekly women’s Bible study is coming to Sterling College.

By HANNAH ABBATE, reporter
Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018

Beginning Monday, November 26th, a weekly Bible study on campus will be open to all women interested in attending.

Bible studies are often used to bring together a group of individuals who may otherwise not gather on their own. They serve to spread the word of God and give advice. Bible studies also help to reach those who might not attend church normally.

The idea for the event comes from Katie O’Brien. As an alumni, O’Brien currently works in the admissions office.

O’Brien grew up in Upland, California, where she developed a love for theatre and music. She headed to Sterling in 2014 to major in Theatre and Communication. After graduating in the spring of 2018 and has returned to campus as the Arts Admissions Counselor.

The Bible study will be open to all women. “It’s about creating long lasting relationships and friendships with women based on our relationship with God,” said O’Brien.

“Originally the idea was just for art students,” O’Brien said. “Performing Arts majors have really weird schedules and its hard for them to go to normal Bible studies.”

O’Brien plans for the Bible study to be a weekly event starting on the 26th of November. It will last seven weeks and meeting will be held at 10p.m.

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