FCA hosts movie night event in Cornerstone

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) hosted their first event of the spring semester with a movie night in Cornerstone Saturday night.

The mission statement of FCA is to bridge the gap between Christianity and athletics. to truly prove and give an opportunity for Christians to have a voice on and off the field.

“Our main goal with this [movie night],” said FCA president Kaitlyn “Red” Tawater, “is to give an opportunity for all of Sterling College, students, faculty, anyone that decides to attend, to truly get to see all the facts out on the table.”

Based on the bestselling book of a true story, the movie A Case for Christ follows Lee Strobel. He is starting out life in his marriage and journalism career when his wife comes home and begins to talk about God and her newfound faith.

Determined to prove her wrong with facts, Lee sets out to write an investigative article disproving the resurrection of Christ. He travels the country talking to as many specialists in a number of fields in his search for the truth.

“It’s a movie representing in putting all of the historical facts behind Jesus Christ’s resurrection out on the table,” Tawater said.

“And to see that, in my personal opinion, that Jesus Christ is real and He is here. And it is our job as followers to provide these opportunities and give everyone the chance to believe,” Tawater said.

“So really,” Tawater said, “this is an event dedicated to the belief and the act of Christianity, to make it well rounded and give a chance for others to truly see the facts.”

With Saturday’s event successfully done FCA looks to host two more events during the spring semester.

“Our March madness event will be hosted off campus, and our FCA conference event will be held in April will be hosted in McPherson,” Tawater said.


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