Campus Feud

Photo Credits: Adam Moore

The Campus Activity’s board is one of the biggest clubs on campus that tend to attract our Sterling College student body at large. They host events like Color Wars all the way to Monte Carlo night.  So, when the students heard that they will be having a Campus Feud night, everybody was excited and brought their “A Game”

Throughout the night the teams were given questions from the host about random things. The different teams competing didn’t know what they would be asked until it was their turn to answer the question and so this made answering on the spot a priority. With the help of a good host keeping everybody in order and on topic was something that this event had in place.

“The host was scintillating. The hard questions were my favorite part because it got everybody’s wheels spinning. I had a great time.” says Dr. Roy Millhouse the host and speaker of the night.

After all of the different teams competing against one another it came down to the last two teams of the night which were the team “Your Mom” and the other team “The Argon Family“. With the team “Your Mom” in the lead, it was to nobody’s surprise that they won the games! The whole team won their own ten-dollar gift card to Chick-Fil-a in their efforts of competing and winning.

Patty Davila is the event coordinator and said how great the night went but thought that some things could’ve gone smoother such as “maybe have more people judging the answers” was one thing that she said would be a good thing to have for next year. ” Also, the layout and having more fairer questions was something that she was considering for next year’s game night.

But to the amazement of the crowd and the people who competed in the night they all enjoyed the games and watching everybody get nervous from lack of time to answer the questions. People were put on the spot and made other laugh by some of the answers they had given and the way they forgot what to say.

Megan Sherradan was one of the contestants on the game night and was in the group called the “Your Grandma” she thought that the night “was a blast, fun, full of laughs, and funny answers.” She found most fun listening to others answer the questions on the fly and because they would get so nervous, they would go on a whim and answer the question with things that didn’t even make sense.

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