CAB hosts Bible Jeopardy event in Heritage Hall

Sterling College’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) added a fun twist to their normal worship night event. This year it was a game of Bible Jeopardy.

Saige Biedenbender

Students arrived at 8 p.m. and found an open seat. Before the game started students were divided into three teams and relocated around the room.

“I think that was a good move on CAB’s part to do that,” Marlee Harvey said, “because I know a lot of people just sit with their group of people, their friends. And when they numbered us off into groups it spread everyone out. I know for me, I met a lot of people that I hadn’t met before on campus.”

There were some technical difficulties both before students started showing up and right as the game was about to begin.

The problem was the TV monitors not connecting to the laptop Cab was using for the event.

“I think at first it was a little rough,” Harvey said, “but I understand things like that happen with the Wi-Fi connection at the school. I thought it was okay. They did their best to keep us engaged saying ‘visit with your team and get to know your teammates’. They got it fixed fairly quick so I thought they did a good job handling it.”

Saige Biedenbender, a junior and CAB Publicist, said, “I think it took away a little bit of the time. Some people complained a little bit about it starting at 8:15 p.m. instead of 8:00 p.m. But I honestly don’t think it affected the event as a whole because at the end everyone said that they enjoyed it.”

Once the game got started there were no more problems. Just like normal in jeopardy students were required to answer in the form of a question.


The teams started going through the questions at a steady pace. Instead of an hour the game lasted roughly 30 minutes.

“Next year, if we do a Bible Jeopardy again,” Biedenbender said, “I would recommend the new CAB maybe having two sets of jeopardy questions ready. Maybe even three depending on how long they want the event to last.”

After the final round of questions team 2 was only a couple hundred points behind with teams 1 and 3 tied with 2700 points


They then went into the final question of the night. Teams had the opportunity to bet with their existing points. If they answered correct, they could double their points. If they bet everything and got the question wrong, they could lose everything.

The final question: “Name the 37th book of the Bible”. After teams submitted their answers the final scores were tallied.

(Watch this clip to see which team won!)

[wpvideo N2qCVKbe]


CAB also has some more events coming up in the next few months. The next one will be SC’s Got Talent where all students have a chance to sign-up with friends.

Sign-ups for SC’s Got Talent will begin tomorrow March 6 and be open until the day of the event on Thursday, March 21.

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