Sterling College Ministry Team Outreach

Our Ministry Team here at Sterling College has their own name for their band. They are called “Pursuit” and they perform other places than Sterling College. On Tuesday March 19th Pursuit went down to Central Christian School in Hutchinson Kansas to sing to the middle school and high school kids.

Pursuit got up early in the morning to go down to the school and spend their whole morning ministering to the kids.

Trinity Parriman lead Guitarist says this about their morning in the school, “It was a great experience playing in front of younger students in a way to reach out to them through music for God”

Next, Brett Callen is the Director of Pursuit and did many things to make this happen. After his band had performed for the students he talked to the kids for a little bit to warm them up for the message that was going to be spoken.

Modene the Lead singer of Pursuit says, “Because of how small the room was, it made the time we spent with them more intimate.”

The room that the band had performed in for the schools chapel was actually the cafeteria. Their cafeteria was so small it barely could fit the kids in the room. The students were so close to the band that they were standing right in front of them.

The interaction that the Ministry team had with the students from Central Christian School had impacted some of the kids because they came up to the band after the service wanting more information about the school and to tell them what a good job they did.

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