“How To Be A Godly Woman In Today’s Culture”

Our Sterling College Resident Directors’s Emilie Heinl from Evans and Caitlin Glaze from McCreery decided to put on an event just for girls about how it is to live as a Godly woman in the society that we live in today. On Wednesday March 27th at 7pm, in the west side of the cafeteria, they had many treats for the ladies here at Sterling College.

With many things set up from the decorations on the tables, to a photo booth, Food with plenty of sweets and chocolates, the RD’s and RA’s had plenty of fun setting up and fellowshipping with the ladies here on campus.

Chloe Heard a Resident Assistant for McCreery said, “Really Emilie and Caitlin were very prepared for the night for the outreach of students and even making it a good time for the lady RA’s on campus.”

The speakers that made the night live up to the title and event name was a panel of amazing Godly women that really are on fire for God. Estephany Moncada, Mikaela Couture, and Kathy Rich filled the night with their wisdom as the girls were asking them questions about their faith, love, God, and more.

Estephany Moncada said “I love to empower people because God just gives us so much value through other people around us. So being able to be on this panel and be vulnerable and fight through vulnerable moments is awesome to share with people.”

As the night went on the more the panel had opened up and shared more about themselves and becoming more vulnerable, the more attention they got from the girls. The girls started becoming more vulnerable and asking many questions to soak up as much wisdom they could get from the night.

Ashley thought “the ladies on the panel are really great and how they were vulnerable with us was super awesome and you could see how God showed himself through that. This made the girls more comfortable and you could really just feel God in the welcoming atmosphere.”

All this to say that the night was a success with the amount of activities that the RD’s had put into the night and the effort that they had used to really make the event about the girls on campus and giving them an opportunity to seize the wisdom from older wiser and relatable people. The panel Got the girls on campus thinking more about how they can better their lives in today’s culture and how they can continue to better themselves through God.

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