Country Dance Night

Country Dance Night was an event held by the music club called MASC here on campus. It’s members are filled with some very talented musicians and passionate music lovers that want to make fun music and share it with the rest of campus. Now this Country Dance was in Upper Wilson on Saturday April 6th from 7-9pm.

They had lots of snacks, drinks, decorations, and a photo booth that kept everybody filled with a good time as people had taken breaks from dancing too much! They also had corn hole which seemed to be a hit with the students as there were many people playing the game.

Will Dutton who was one of the people who came to the country dance to have fun said ” The night has been very good and I think it’s because there are so many fun people and who are just willing to be free because we’re all friends.”

Will Dutton was one of they many who danced their hearts out on the dance floor that night. The many country line dances that filled the night were to many to count, but Molly Sunberg was the choreographer of the night who in which led most of the dances and teaching the guests how to line dance.

Molly said, “I’ve learned line dancing back in Colorado with my friends. I’m a little shaky on some of the dances but I know 4 different ones that I was able to use for this night. It was harder to teach people depending on how fast the song went, but I would call out the beats and different moves and people caught on real quick.”

Everyone who came had a great time and it was cool to see that from their last event from the Roaring twenties where they had swing dancing, to the transition of a Country dance. The president of MASC Lanna Wagner was excited to do this event.

Lanna said, “Seeing everything come together was really rewarding, and everyone works really well together which makes planning everything a lot easier and we’re excited to start getting our next event out there!”

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