CAB’S Backyard BBQ

Our Sterling College Campus Activities Board hosted a BBQ last night in Cornerstone at 6pm. It involved many fun games such as corn hole, cards, and even drawing on the tables. They had music playing and it was a fun time for all Sterling College students.

The event was originally planned to be outside, but due to the bad weather and how windy and cold it was the Campus Activities Board was forced to move the event inside. This disrupted many plans that CAB had including making s’mores and sitting around a campfire.

Patty Davila said that “Despite the change in weather and location, we got a good crowd. We had more than 150 students came by and it was first come first serve and we were able to serve everyone. At the end of the night all of the food was gone, including the brisket.”

The food that was served at the BBQ included Brisket, Beans, Mac & Cheese, Rolls, Chips, and lemonade/water. The food was well prepared and the CAB members had served the people. They made sure everything was equally distributed so everyone would be able to have a plate.

Zoe Oppriecht said that “The food was so good and amazing! It was nice to have such good BBQ a Sterling. The CAB members were so generous and kind as they were giving us the food. It just made the whole event and night so fun.”

Since there were so many people that had showed up many people decided to eat in the cafe or in the union because there was not enough room in Cornerstone. Many people even stood up eating there food to fellowship with people.

The president of CAB Brianna Chastain said, “People seem to enjoy it and the come and go was nice. Sadly we couldn’t have it outside because we we’re excited to do s’mores and had a lot of outdoor games set up.”

So although things did not go according to plan because of weather, the CAB members did many things right to get people to still come to their event and made it a great night. They work great as a team and work well under pressure.

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