SGA starts off Study Snacks for finals week with donuts

Study snacks is a finals tradition here at Sterling College. It gives students something to look forward to every night as they study for finals.

SGA took the first night and will be in charge of one additional night last this week. Other clubs on campus such as CAB will also take the lead for a night. They do this as to not overwhelm one group of student as everyone runs around trying to balance school life and finals.

Picture by SGA Instagram

“We were supposed to do donuts on Wednesday night,” Kaitlyn “Red” Tawater said, “but we picked up Taco Bell. We thought that would be better a Wednesday night than Sunday so we switched it with the donut night, not realizing that all of the homemade donut shops are closed on Sundays.”

“Today was actually a little amusing because we had to adjust our plans and find a backup. Luckily Casey’s came through,” Tawater said.

The SGA team ended up calling Casey’s and requested about $150 worth of donuts. It was well over 200 total donuts.

They also supplied chocolate milk and regular milk when students came in. Students could come in groups or by themselves to get donuts.

The pan-bread event Monday night will be the only event that requires a group of four students to gain food due to the large amounts of food the pan-bread is.

Tuesday night will have Wendy’s hosted by Senate and Thursday will have Taco Bell hosted by SGA again.

Study snacks begin at 10p.m. every night through Thursday.

Happy finals week!

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