Homecoming aims to provide fun, memories

            The second week of October will bring homecoming back to Sterling College. The celebration of homecoming is an age-old tradition that will be celebrated on most college campus’s around the country this fall. Homecoming brings a week of festivities and school spirit that leads up to the homecoming football game 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Kaitlyn Tawater, better known on campus as “Red” is the Secretary for Student Government Association (SGA) and is overseeing the planning of the 2019 SC Homecoming. Planning homecoming is no easy job, but it is one that Tawater is taking head on. Last year the homecoming activities were hindered by the intense weather that is common in Southern Kansas so this year Red and SGA have made sure to make all the planned activities both cold and warm weather friendly. One major question is what will be new this year for homecoming.

            “This year we are adding a bunch of new events, such as a color run that will be open to the college and community,” Tawater said. “A few other new events offered this year will be a salsa night, yard games and chick-fil-a, and a balloon release to bring awareness to a few different conditions. Throughout all of these events we hope to bring good, fun change to sterling college, while still incorporating some old traditions.”

SGA President Adam Moore said he is looking forward to seeing the hard work of his staff result in an enjoyable and memorable time for student and alumni alike.

            “We completely took out all the events from last year and remade homecoming,” he said, “so the fact we are very little stress just shows they are a hard-working group.”

            It looks like homecoming is going to be an exciting week here at SC. Lots of school spirit, dorm V. dorm competitions and a highly anticipated football game are all on the menu for what should be a great week in Sterling America.

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