Sterling Library undergoes remodel and prepares for team-up event with the college

The library of Sterling is the perfect place to go to use a computer, make copies, rent a few movies, or check out a book or two.

The library has recently begun remodeling the interior of the building. Lots of paining has been done as well as some repairs that needed to be made. They can also look forward to some new furniture that is being selected.

“This weekend,” said Sam Turner, a student employed at the library, “the library has partnered with Sterling College for the book discussions going on at the college. The meetings will be held at the Public Library and students and community members are welcome to attend.”


“Another event that we are looking forward to is the summer reading program,” said Turner. “The theme this year is space and adventure and Amy has some great activities planned. And then more traditionally we have our book clubs. We actually just had a new book club form by middle school students. It’s always exciting to see younger individuals get excited and passionate about reading.”

Turner has been working at the library for nearly six months now and worked three to four afternoons a week.

“My favorite thing about working there is talking with all the patrons that come in, said Turner. “We have a variety of people to come in every day including children, families and people from around the community. I love hearing about their days and getting to know them. Because I am not from Sterling and have only been here a few years, I really appreciate getting to know the people of the community better. I think it’s easy to kind of stay in your circle and not branch out and I was comfortable staying in mine at the college. I felt like I really didn’t know the town at all. While working at the library I have met so many great people and I feel more connected and more appreciative of Sterling.”


Turner is an education major at Sterling College and is shows in her enjoyment with children and the overall atmosphere of the library.

“I think [the library] is so special because it’s so accessible to people, said Turner. “Kids love to go there and play with the LEGO’s or on the computers or to hang out with friends. After school kids are in there regularly doing their homework, talking with friends and the staff or just coming in to look around at the books. Amy Gard, the head librarian, has done a fantastic job with making sure that there is something at the library for everyone. Whether it be book interest, movies, newspapers, computers or more there is something for everyone.”

The library is open Monday through Saturday. Open from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. on week days and 10 A.M to 2 P.M. on Saturdays.



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