Feature: Deb Wiebe

By Hannah Abbate, reporter
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018

Deb Wiebe is the assistant to the Athletic Director at Sterling College. This is her 23rd year in the position. She started in August of 1995.

Before coming to her current position at Sterling College Wiebe worked for a manufacturing company and Sterling’s telephone office.

“I had heard that the lady who was in my position was leaving and I just kind of thought, that sounds like it would be interesting and fun to do,” Wiebe said. “So I called Coach Kruse, who was the Athletic Director at that time, and set up a meeting. And all the rest in history.”

“One of the things that I do for Athletic Training is, I do all of the athletic insurance,” Wiebe said. “So if a student athlete were to get hurt then I’m one of the ones that go through and explain the procedures of what the athlete needs to do. And I contact the facilities that they are going to, if they need surgery and so forth, and I talk through that with them.

Wiebe is also in charge of all concessions stands on campus as well as day-to-day stuff. Not only in the athletic department but things on campus too.

As with any chaotic situation, you deal with it the best you can. Wiebe said, “One of the most crucial things was when the Gleason center caught on fire.” This was about three years ago during a basketball game. “You could just see a haze. And people were looking around and wondering what this haze was,” she said. They ended up having to cancel the game and worked to get people out of the building. “that was probably one of the most stressful days,” Wiebe continued.

There was a lot of smoke damage to the back wall of the building. “We had some downspouts that were frozen,” Wiebe said, “so maintenance took a torch and was trying to melt the ice earlier in the day and it caught some insulation on fire.”

Repairs were done as quickly as possible and lasted a good month. “We had to hire people to come in and clean the whole gym and repaint,” she said.

“A fun thing that I’ve gotten to do, is I travel a lot with the women’s basketball team,” said Wiebe. “So I’ve gotten to go to Vegas with them, and I’ve gotten to go to Florida with them several times. That is a fun thing that I get to do.”

Wiebe also has the opportunity to interact with students daily. “Getting to know the student athletes and working with a great coaching staff truly makes for the best job,” she said. It is her favorite part of the job. And there are students in and out of her office daily. Some come in just to hang out and talk. The doors to her office in Gleason are always open. “I consider our department a family. We’re pretty close,” said Wiebe.

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