Thanksgiving time is here

REPORTER, Hannah Abbate

Friday, Nov. 16, 2018

The holidays are almost here! Thanksgiving break for students and staff at Sterling College starts next week. And the Caf is already getting student in the mood.

“It is not thanksgiving without mashed potatoes and green been casserole,” said Rachel Turner.

Wednesday was a treat for everyone as they served a Thanksgiving feast during lunch time. Whether you like ham or turkey, this is the season to be thankful with full bellies.

Turner preferers turkey over ham with her Thanksgiving dinner. “We’ve always made turkey, and I didn’t know ham was a thing until I got to college.”

“I like thanksgiving because it is the one time out of the year where all of my immediate family is under one roof and it really feels like home again,” Rosa James said.

“My favorite tradition is when I get to pray every year around the table,” James continued. “I’ve always done it since I was little so it makes me feel like when I was a kid just a little bit closer to God.”

“It’s my favorite holiday,” Turner said. “We are going to celebrate it without celebrating Christmas first.”

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” Turner said, “because every Thanksgiving me and my dad, I would always make him wake me up for the parade that started at like 7a.m. We would then make brunch for everyone.”

“We would make cinnamon rolls or biscuits and eggs,” said Turner. “And then me and my mom would spend the rest of the day making dinner why ABC Family/Freeform showed Gone with the Wind all day on loop and we watch that while we make food all day. After diner we would go out and make s’mores instead of eating pie.”

“The day after Thanksgiving,” Turner continued, “if we’re home, me and [my sister] Sam always set up the Christmas tree and set up all the decorations for Christmas time.”

“I’m not a black Friday person,” Turner said. “I think, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I feel like going black Friday shopping is a waste because you should be spending Thanksgiving other ways.”

Dorm halls will close for Thanksgiving break Tuesday at 5 p.m. and reopen Sunday morning. The Caf will also be closed started Tuesday after lunch and reopen Sunday night for dinner.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

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