Golf Team Faces Challenges Ahead Of New Season


Photo by: Caden Ford

By: Hannah Abbate 

Experienced opponents and bad weather teamed up on Monday, Sept. 25 to offset the Sterling College men’s golf team during day one of their tournament. The two-day Mid Southern Invitational was held in Newton, Kan., a little over an hour east of Sterling.  

“It didn’t go to well, we are still a young group and we show the signs I want to see but we haven’t put it together yet,” said coach Tanner George.  

Anders Lindanger (pictured) is a junior at the college and an athlete within the golf program. Lindanger is originally from Norway and lived there until he made the decision to continue to do what he loves and play golf while attending college. He has been playing for 18 years.                                                          

Anders Lindanger                     Photo by: Caden Ford

“In the first round,” Lindanger said, “we got there and we knew we were going to get stormed out. It was all about the waiting game. We got out there and we played the first 18 holes, which took us…maybe five hours. I shot badly. I shot with eight over par…It was actually so bad, I was just as many strokes over par after those three holes as I was last round after 18.”

Lindanger said that they were lucky that the storm came in.

“We had to go off the golf course, because lightning and thunder is not really a good thing when you’re playing golf. So, they made a decision to cancel the second round. My worst round ever this year in a golf tournament was canceled…I was so happy. The next day, I came out with a different attitude. I played the best round of my season and shot a one over [par] on the last one.”

The team overall had a good mix of scores, some players doing well on day one and not as well on day two, and vis-versa. The team is new but the experience gained from this tournament will only help them to improve.  

“Our coach,” Lindanger continues, “set us up for this tournament knowing that the teams we would be playing are way better than us. So, we knew that we would have to play at our life’s best to actually be in a position to win. So, it was more of like a test to see where we are. We learned a lot; we saw some good things, some bad things.”

Lindanger emphasized the importance of having teammates around to help support an athlete through a difficult time. “If you want to reach far, you can’t do it alone. You have to have people to support you,” he said.  “Don’t be afraid of hard work and never procrastinate. Everything you can do, do it today and not tomorrow, because your competitors will.”

It may not have been the best tournament for these Warriors, but they look to the future with a positive mindset. Lindanger said that “when I was younger, I was told that for every negative thought, you have to have four positives to even it out. The only way you’re actually going to succeed is by having as many positive thoughts in your head as possible.”

Their next tournament is on Oct. 2 and 3 in Salina, Kan.


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