SC basketball stays positive after Warrior Classic losses

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Photos by: Haley Slade

By Kevin Baatrup & Lauren Weiland  Sterling, KS — Nov. 18, 2017, 7:20 P.M.

“We didn’t back off and we didn’t give up.”

The Sterling College Warrior Classic took place on Friday, Nov. 11 and Saturday, Nov. 12 in Gleason Center. The event hosted the men’s and women’s basketball teams competing on their own turf, and while most of the games fell short, there were other victories won.

Friday night started off with the Lady Warrior’s first home game of the season against Briar Cliff University. The ladies defeated the Chargers in a 78-75 victory. Kylah Comley, freshman, and Jordin Greer, senior, led the team in points, both earning 19 respectively. Kilee Harris, senior, led in rebounds with a total of eight, and Jessica Princ, senior, led in assists with a total of five.

The men, however, took a loss to Concordia University on Friday with a score of 79-75. Tim Hendrixson, junior, led the team in points with a score of 15 respectively. Keshawn McMahon, junior, and JaMiah Windom-Hanes, freshman, both led in rebounds with a total of six, and McMahon also led the team in assists with five.

On Saturday, the victory was cut short for the Lady Warriors, falling to Central Methodist University with a score of 75-59. Princ led the team in points, earning a total of 20 respectively. Harris led in rebounds with a score of 10, and Comely led in assists with six.

Saturday also was another hit for the men, losing to Hastings College with a score of 86-70. Windom-Hanes led in both points and rebounds, with 20 points and five rebounds, while McMahon led with four assists.

Through the disappointing losses of the weekend, men’s assistant coach Phinehas Starks found things to be proud of.

“Even though we lost…I think one thing we continue to do good is we continue to fight defensively. We didn’t back off, we didn’t give up. The guys on the bench came up with some really good energy and ready to play.”

Women’s head coach K.C. Bassett shares similar sentiments.

“We definitely play hard, which is always something we strive for…overall we played pretty well as a team,” she said, even though some shots didn’t hit and overall defense “needed work.”

She also said that “we had some bench people come off and play some good minutes and had people gut through injuries and they did a good job overall as well.”




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