Warrior Weekend Recap 2/16-2/17/2018

By: Micah Watney  Sterling, KS — Feb. 19, 2018, 2:31 p.m.

On Saturday, Feb. 17, the women’s basketball team started off with a game facing Bethany College. Sterling, leading most of the game, ended with a final score of 74-66 in Sterling’s favor, putting the women’s team with a total 16-13 win-loss ratio.

The night was also one of joy for some on the team as four of the seniors played their last home game. Senior Kilee Harris said that “from warm ups to the final buzzer we had so much positive energy and teamwork out on the court and from the bench. Then, you add being on your home court into that and it’s all amplified! Couldn’t ask for a better last home game!” Other seniors on the team include Jordin Greer, Samantha Mosley, and Jessica Princ.

While the Sterling men’s basketball team doesn’t have any seniors this year, the game still held some weight. Also facing Bethany College, Sterling stayed strong most of the game, leading all the way into the second half. However, with less than 10 minutes on the clock, the Swedes were able to overtake Sterling with a final score of 80-93. This puts the men’s team with a total 7-22 win-loss ratio.

On both Friday and Saturday, Sterling’s baseball team went against Oklahoma Wesleyan University in a three-game competition. For the first game, Sterling lost with a score of 3-7. Sterling led after the third inning, only to be overtaken by three runs in the sixth inning.

During the second game, Sterling was able to make a comeback winning the game 10-6. Both teams started the game off strong with Sterling in the lead until the fourth inning when Kansas Wesleyan overtook them. By the end, however, Sterling stepped up its game as Wesleyan dropped the ball.

At the third game on Saturday, Sterling was up against some tough competition that lost them the game with a score of 8-13. Oklahoma Wesleyan gave a third inning that won them the game with 10 runs. Sterling was able to catch up with an impressive six runs in the fourth inning, though it wasn’t quite enough. This lends the baseball team with a total win-loss ratio of 3-9.

On Saturday, Sterling’s softball team played two games against Doane University. Sterling ended up winning the first game with a score of 24-22, but lost the second game 9-13. This puts the softball team with a total 2-4 win-loss ratio.

Senior Jenna Weimer stated, “I think in light of the high score of the previous game we let up a bit. We figured in any given inning we could just score five or six runs like we had in the last game, and that just wasn’t the case with the second game’s pitcher. Lots of good stuff individually, we just couldn’t quite pull it together as a team.”

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