SC women’s tennis fall short as season ends

By: Briseyda Ponce  Sterling, KS — April 24, 2018 7:29 P.M.
2017 saw the return of the Sterling tennis team for both women and men. It has been
over 20 years since Sterling last had a tennis program. The team consists of seven women and six men. This year, the woman had a chance to further advance with the season. Unfortunately, the women’s team fell short.
The point of decision was against Kansas Wesleyan on April 16. The Sterling women’s
tennis team were down 1-2 when finished with doubles. In singles, the number one string, freshman Janae Ryan, won. This made the team 2-2. As the matches furthered, the women fell short finishing with an overall loss of 4-5.
Coach Lonnie Isaac was “proud” of how far the first year women’s team looked. They had a chance to qualify, which is a big step for a team full of freshmen and new coaching staff. The women’s captains, Ryan and freshman Keeley Hipp, have nothing but gratitude for Coach Lonnie and how he pushed the team. Ryan and Hipp played first string doubles. They previously played with each other in high school and even went as far as being Kansas State Champions. They both found the experience “unique” and are hoping to “ improve and make conference next year.”
Coach Isaac also stated after the loss to Kansas Wesleyan that “the women’s team exceeded…expectations for being so successful with this first-year program.” Hipp and Ryan believe the team has a lot of improving to do to continue to put a fight, but nothing is impossible with a bit of positivity.
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