Sterling College Cheer Team Competes With Heart This Season

Being thrown up in the air is the everyday life of the Sterling College Cheer team. Each practice the cheer team has, they go through a series of conditioning and stretching for their heated competitions that they have weekly.

The Sterling College Cheer team only has 10 members on their team during Competition season. With the few but strong members they have on the team, they work tirelessly each day to reach their goal of winning a KCAC championship.

Each day they rework their routines and steps to make their practices perfect. The first competition they had of the season they came in last at Tabor College. Saige Pruitt is new to the cheer team and says this about losing their first competition of the season, “It was sad to see us lose, but we knew what we needed to improve on to win next time”

This meant that the whole atmosphere of the cheer team changed, and they were all ready to work harder than ever. They had more fire and passion coming into the next competition that the Cheer team came in 1st at Friends University. 

Adia Phommachanh said, “it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the top of the game”. During their 3rd competition, the Sterling College Cheer team came in 7th and in their 4th Competition they came in 1st.

During the start of the team’s competition their head coach Casey Lacey went into labor with her newborn baby. Without having their main coach to support them and guide them, the desire to win and do better was burning even more inside them.

As they are preparing for their upcoming competition this weekend in Nebraska, the Cheer team is excited to get back into focus and set their whole hearts and minds to win. Their support and the people they care about most are cheering them on to finish off their season strong.

The head coach Casey Lacey says this about the Sterling College Cheer team, “I am super proud of our team being that this is all of their first year competing and for some completely new to cheer! We have a very young team overall and I am excited to see how they grow through the remainder of the season and in the coming years.”

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