Kylah Comley reaches 1,000 career points


Kylah Comley, a sophomore on the court for the Sterlings Women’s Basketball team officially reached a career breakthrough of 1,000 points on January 26, 2019 against Avila University. 

Her interest all began while she was young, she would watch her father coach. Later on realizing it was something she was really drawn to and wanted to pursue for as long as she could.

She says the experience scoring 1,000 points was “An amazing feeling, when I finally made a basket it was a sigh of relief. Awards and accolades have never been that important to me so I really was just humbled by and grateful to see all of the support from my teammates and those around me at the time” .

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“Kylah is a great leader on and off the court,” Brenna Eilert, a current team mate, said. “She genuinely cares about each of us in bettering us in the game of basketball and in our everyday spiritual lives. She is someone I can always count on her to be there for me for anything.”

“It has been a joy to coach, Kylah, the last two years,” Head Coach Katherine Basset said. “She’s a very hard worker and that shows on the court. Beyond that though she is a great person and shows her love of Christ in all she does.” “Kylah is a competitor. She is a hard worker. She’s a great student and she’s got a true servants heart. Kylah’s work ethic makes her such a strong player. She puts in the extra time to refine and work on her basketball skills and it shows. Reaching 1,000 points as a Sophomore is an incredible feat. I am proud of Kylah and her teammates for what they have accomplished over the last 2 years.”   

With in the next 10 years Comley said she hopes to “pursue teaching inner city youth and mentoring girls who are going out of the foster care system”. As for basketball Comley said ,”I have no plans of continuing to play basketball” ” Although it brings me joy and it is a way to use the gifts God has given me for a greater purpose, it is not everything for me. I have other aspirations for the future”

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