SC JV Softball takes loss against Cowley Country CC

“The games didn’t go as we had hoped,” said third baseman Brennah Jimenez.

The first games of the season for Sterling College Softball’s JV team against Cowley Country CC ended in a 14-4 loss in game one and 9-0 loss in game two.

“[The] Right, center, and left [fielders] all worked really hard playing against the wind,” said right fielder Nicole Haverman.

“The weather started out good, then got super windy and super cold,” said Jimenez. “I feel like we ended up getting super stiff.”

The temperature was well below 40 degrees with a wind chill of about ten degrees, making playing conditions much colder.

“It was really cold and the wind chill made it that much worse,” said Haverman. “Since I was in the outfield, there was a lot of reading the ball off the bat and keeping your feet moving since the wind could take it at any point.”

“There was a lot of blinking away tears because of how cold it was, and my eyes were watering,” Haverman continued. “And just trying to stay warm and keep your joints and muscles loose from them being frozen out there.”

Despite the chilling weather, the team still played hard. “We communicated well,” said Jimenez. “Defensively we had some great plays, and we were very positive throughout. We just didn’t hit as we would’ve liked,” Jimenez said.

“I feel like there were a lot of frazzled decisions,” said Haverman, “just because the team that we were playing were very intelligent baserunners. When you have baserunners who are extremely aggressive it builds up a lot of tension and a lot of nervous energy.”

“Having to make really quick decisions,” said Haverman. “I feel like a coupe times we got a little frazzled with that.”

Haverman also recorded a solo-homerun in the bottom of the fifth inning during the first game of the day.

“I really wasn’t thinking about much honestly,” Haverman said about her homerun hit. “The only thing in my head was to keep it simple; just put the ball in play.”

“This pitch, it almost looked like slow motion to me,” said Haverman. “I just swung with everything I had and it felt like a good hit, but it almost felt like those balls where you hit it hard and the wind holds it and it doesn’t go out.”

“So I was running as hard as I could to first[base],” Haverman continued, “hoping they wouldn’t catch it. Then I saw all the girls from the dugout come out screaming, and then I realized that, ‘oh dang, it really went over’. It was a good feeing.”

JV had games scheduled for Friday the 15th, but due to snow in the weather these games were cancelled.

JV will hope to be on the field again next Thursday, the 21st, as they take on Rose State College at home.

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