Winter weather forces games to cancel

With the large amounts of snow recently overwhelming most of Kansas, sporting events have been greatly impacted.

There have been a large number of games that have been either canceled or postponed and rescheduled for outdoor sports like baseball and softball.

Varsity softball at Sterling College has had 10 of their last 14 games canceled or postponed due to the winter weather.

Similarly, the Warrior’s baseball team has had 6 of their last 12 games canceled.

For these sports, their season is long and filled with many games. Preseason play is a huge opportunity for teams to work out the errors and to strengthen team bonds in the early stages of the season.

With the large amount of games canceled, teams are losing out on that time on the field before conference begins. Once it does, every single game counts towards whether a team survives to the postseason or not.

For baseball, their first conference games were moved up a few days because of the winter weather. Softball’s conference games are still a few weeks away.

With more near freezing temperatures, rain, and the possibility of snow in the forecast in the coming weeks, it will still be a challenge for teams to get of the field.


Baseball is scheduled play Southwestern College on Monday. This game was originally going to be a home game for the Warriors but was moved to Southwestern due to weather.

Softball’s next games are scheduled for March 1 for the two-day Langston Tournament in Oklahoma City.

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