Track & Field Athletes get Pr’s at Track meet

Sterling College Track and Field had a track meet at Bethel college on Saturday April 13 In Newton Kansas. They traveled there in the cold and ran in the wind, but still prevailed to provide themselves with Personal records and even two qualifiers.

Because it was so cold out it did make it harder for athletes to stay warm and not injure themselves. So warming up properly and stretching right really made a difference and the Track and Field Athletes did just that.

Both the girls and boys got 5th overall and Robyn Selzer said “I feel like we did very well and everyone put forth their best efforts. We also got two people qualified for nationals!”

Alex Barton in High Jump and Isaac Ostrosky in Javelin were the two national qualifiers of the meet and made the team proud by prevailing through the weather and going out there and making a name for themselves.

One of the Sprinters Blessing Gwean who was going to run the meet on Saturday had decided not to so he could prevent injuries and be fresh for the meets that do count later in the season so he can run better and faster times.

Blessing said, “So far i’m doing good, but I feel like I can be great. For me I decided not to run this meet to prevent injuries.” This is his game plan for the rest of the season so he can be the best he can be for the meets coming up in the next few weeks left of season.

The assistant coach Nathan Meiners has been training these athletes for the whole season and was happy to see two of them place and many of them set personal records for themselves. He knows that they were trying their best and it showed.

Nathan said “We did overall good. There are some areas that we need to work on but some areas that we exceed on.”

The future of the track is looking going in the right direction. Their numbers are looking great and they are able to work with those so they can rebuild and only get bigger in the future.

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