Sterling tennis team graduates their first senior

Photo By: Briseyda Ponce

The Sterling tennis program was reinstated in 2017 after many years of the program being closed down. This year the tennis team graduates its first athlete.

Drew Wright is native to Dallas and began his journey at the age of 9.

“I started playing tennis because I used live right next to courts and never got super into any other sports,” he said.

Photo By: Briseyda Ponce

Wright has been the team captain for two years.

“My athletic journey has been great. Everyone here has been so positive and supportive. We had some of the best fans this year,” he said.

Photo By: Briseyda Ponce

The tennis team has enjoyed these past two years with Drew as a captain.

“I think overall Drew was a great captain, he would help us a lot during practice and whenever we needed extra help. He took his job of making us laugh really serious. We all know he wouldn’t come back, and I think that’s the sad part of him graduating, that we probably won’t see him again in a very long time. He was a great captain and friend,” sophomore Nicole Marin said.

Sophomore Trinity Parriman agrees.

“Drew being a captain was very helpful,” he said. “He helped me improve my tennis game a lot. I really wish he could stay and play because we will need him for next year. It is bitter sweet. We are going to need him because he was our best player. His impact on the team was his great leadership.”

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His teammates are upset to see him go but are very thankful and proud of his work with the tennis program.

“Drew was an amazing captain who had wonderful leadership skills and qualities,” sophomore Maddie Thrasher said. “He was always someone I would turn to for advise or guidance. He wasn’t just an amazing captain, but a tennis player as well. He has so much passion for the game, and he always puts 100% into his matches and practices. I will truly miss him, not only as a captain and member of the team, but as a friend.”

Coach Lonnie Issac is also thankful for his journey here at Sterling.

“The biggest thing Drew brought to our program was college tennis experience,” he said. “Drew was a team captain for his two years here and served as a strong leader both in practice and at matches. With his talent, he could have gone many places, and I am very thankful he chose Sterling. It is exciting to have our first graduate from the program, and I know Drew will go on to represent Sterling College well in his career.”

Photo By: Briseyda Ponce

Wright will be pursuing his career in criminal justice this upcoming fall. He wishes his team the best for their upcoming season.

“Advice I would give to my teammates is to enjoy the experience and focus on competing rather than wins and losses,” he said. “Tennis is such a mental game that if you are focused on the future of whether you are going to win or lose a match, you will be nervous and unable to preform well in the present. Stay in the present.”

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